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I believe LOVE is the greatest force for healing.

Hi! I’m Italia Oliver M.S. Ed., and I believe if you’re reading this, you’ve been guided here by your soul and your Divine Support Team, a team that includes your loving angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, saints, cosmic star families, ancestors, and loved ones in spirit. So welcome, I’m excited you’ve arrived!

Are you feeling lost, doubtful, or confused? Do you need guidance, clarity, or direction? Or do you want to develop and gain confidence in your intuitive and spiritual gifts?  Do you feel called to use them to help others?

I can help you. As an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channel, and Spiritual Advisor & Teacher, I’ve worked with hundreds of clients and students from around the world to serve as a vessel for Spirit to bring more peace, healing, and hope to our world.

My greatest passion is to help empower you. To help you find guidance, clarity, and peace on your soul’s path and connect you to your own intuition and Divine Support Team. YES, life is magical! 

Like switching on a light, there’s more to life than you can see. And I want to show you how. I offer private readings, intuitive development mentoring sessions, group classes, and my powerful and transformative 1:1 Intuitive Development Mentoring Course. Join me… I’m excited to meet you!

How I Can Help You


Connect to your angels, spirit guides, and/or crossed-over loved ones in a 1-on-1 session to find guidance, clarity, and direction on your soul’s path.


Discover, grow, and gain confidence in your intuitive and mediumship abilities with a safe, supportive group of like-minded individuals. Connect with others.


Get deep 1:1 support to awaken and grow your spiritual and intuitive gifts and use them to provide hope and healing for yourself and the world.

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