3 Simple Steps to Help You Flow More with Life

3 Simple Steps to Help You Flow More with Life

Lao Tzu once said, “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them— that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”

Yes, easy to understand, sometimes difficult to live. Some of us like to control. We put our expectations, hopes, and dreams on what we want to see happen. We even stamp the future with the way we envision it playing out. And when it doesn’t work out in the way we hoped or expected, we create a whole lot of suffering.

A few years ago, when my husband and I began our search for a new home, I collected pictures of houses on my phone. I had a particular style in mind, a Cape Cod style: painted gray with black shutters and dormers. I love dormers but this style home is harder to find in Southern California. I also wanted a white kitchen with beige/brown countertops.

The first home we considered didn’t look exactly like I wanted but it was in a great area and had a suitable floor plan. Score. We were about to sign on the dotted line but in the last hour, someone swooped in and offered ten thousand over asking!

We lost the home.

The selling agent told us that if we could wait three months, she had a perfect house in the process of a renovation.

Three months! No way. We continued our search, a search that brought us to make offers on homes we came a signature away from buying. But again, in the final hours, something always fell through such as finding asbestos in the inspection or a major repair cost.

Three months later, we strolled into an open house at the urging of our realtor, and lo and behold, who was there? The selling agent from the first house.

She grinned and said, “This was the house I told you to wait for.” And wouldn’t you know? It was gray with black shutters, had a white kitchen with brown granite countertops, and a dormer…total Cape Cod style.

In essence, we didn’t need to struggle to find the home of our dreams. In fact, what was meant for us was meant for us. It already existed in the universe. Sometimes, we must practice more patience and simply trust life.

Learning to live in synchronistic flow takes practice. The more you attune to the synchronicities around you, the more they appear. Here are three simple steps to create more flow and ease in your life (cause we all could use some more ease)…


Bring acceptance to the now. Don’t try to fight it. Sit with it. Let it be. This, too, shall pass. When we come from a place of acceptance in our consciousness, we’re not draining our energy by fighting the now. Instead, we open our energy to find creative solutions.


Don’t push to make things happen. Let them happen. Now this doesn’t mean you don’t take action. You do. It’s just that once you act, you let go of the outcome and how it manifests in your life. Don’t tie any of your expectations to it. Many times, what shows up is beyond your wildest imaginings.


Be open. Allow what shows up to show up. Be receptive. The more you put parameters on how something has to be; the more you diminish the Magic in life. And Magic is a great thing. Allow it to unfold.

Author Belinda Womack once told me, “Italia, don’t push the doors open. Let them open.” Indeed. With her advice, and a dash of patience, I step back and admire the synchronistic flow of how my life unfolds with an undercurrent of peace and ease. Pure Magic.

QUESTION: Do you notice a difference when you flow with life? What happens? Share in the comments below.

Italia Oliver M.S. Ed., lovingly channels messages from Spirit to provide you guidance and clarity, and helps you connect with crossed-over loved ones. She’s an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channeler, Spiritual Advisor/Teacher, and Certified Angel Card Reader. 

Her life changed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was during the healing process that she began receiving messages from the angels. As a child, she experienced psychic phenomena and off-world visitations. 

Italia offers Readings in Soul Guidance, Mediumship, Tarot, Angel/Oracle Cards, Romance/Relationships, Life Purpose/Career, Past Lives, Starseed Origins, Auras & Chakras, Ancestral Healing, Astrology & Moon Cycles, and Your Angels & Spirit Guides. Along with Readings, she also offers classes, courses, and private One-to-One Intuitive & Mediumship Development Mentoring Sessions.

Click HERE to learn more. She’s excited to work with you!

Email: italia@italiaoliver.com/ (562)331-4845 


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