4 Prerequisites for Contacting Your Angels & Guides

4 Prerequisites for Contacting Your Angels & Guides

I’m often asked by clients who want to contact their angels and guides, “How do I connect with them?”

Connecting to your angels and guides is not as difficult as you might think— although it requires a shift in perspective and an open heart.

Everyone has intuitive abilities. It’s more a matter if you’re tuned into them or not. Many of us walk from one day to the next blind to the invisible spiritual world around us.

For instance, you haven’t talked to an old friend in a long time but you get this sudden urge to pick up the phone and call. She tells you she was just laid off from her job in human resources but you know your company is looking to hire someone for a position in HR. In fact, you saw the posting yesterday. Coincidence? Not so much. Your intuition, angels, and guides were nudging you to call her.

Since we’re vibrational beings, we’re like walking radios, each of us on our own frequency. When we tune into our angels and guides, we are tuning into their frequency in order to hear, feel, see, and know them.

I connect with my angels and guides through various methods and you can, too. In this article, I highlight four prerequisites before contacting your angels and guides. Think of this as Part 1 in a series titled, “How to Contact Your Angels & Guides.”


First, you must BELIEVE they exist and ALLOW them to connect with you. Be willing. Have faith they’re there and invite the connection. The more you trust their existence, the more likely you’ll make contact. Tell your angels and guides you believe. Feel it in your heart.

Do. Not. Doubt.

Once contact is made, it’s about building a relationship with your angels and guides, one built on trust, similar to your three-dimensional relationships on Earth.


Be clear in your intention to call in your angels and guides. Be specific. Why do you want the connection? Is it to help guide you to live a more fulfilling life abundant in love or is it to find out next week’s lottery numbers? (It doesn’t work like that anyway.)

Be clear about what is motivating you. Are you pure of heart in your intentions?

For example, my angels and guides made themselves known to me during my lowest point in chemotherapy. I said to God, “I want to live. Please, I want to serve You. How can I serve You?” I had no agenda. My only motivation was that I wanted to use my life to help others. Period. And God answered back by allowing me to do what I now do today. I help others by being a spiritual channel, bridging the world of Spirit to our world.


For much of my life, I’ve spoken to God (Source, Great Spirit, Creator, All That Is, Universe, whatever you choose to call it), either in my mind or aloud. When I forgot my connection, and wasn’t talking, were the times I felt most disconnected from Source. But cancer forced me to talk to God again. I talked all day about any and everything: what I was thankful for, my fears, worries, and joys. And in doing so, opened a channel for divine information to flow.

Talking invites a connection to Spirit. God always hears your call and will answer in the appropriate time to your evolution. So, chat it up!


If you’re inviting a connection to the spirit world, you must understand that just as there exists good and evil on our plane of existence, it’s the same in the spirit world.

Know that contact from God, angels, spirit guides, guardians, and ancestors in the Love & Light will ALWAYS be loving, kind, supportive, and encouraging. If what comes through isn’t, call on God and Archangel Michael to help you remove any energy that doesn’t belong. Anything that’s ego and fear-based, pushy, or controlling is NOT of the Love & Light.

The Love & Light speaks in suggestions rather than commands, unless you are in harm’s way. Otherwise, it’s your free will to ASK for guidance and support. That guidance and support is always grounded in love.

These four prerequisites are important for you to understand before inviting a connection to your angels and guides. In Part 2, I’ll share specific ways to connect.

QUESTION: How can contacting your angels and guides help you? Share in the comments below.

Italia Oliver M.S. Ed., lovingly channels messages from Spirit to provide you guidance and clarity, and helps you connect with crossed-over loved ones. She’s an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channeler, Spiritual Advisor/Teacher, and Certified Angel Card Reader. 

Her life changed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was during the healing process that she began receiving messages from the angels. As a child, she experienced psychic phenomena and off-world visitations. 

Italia offers Readings in Soul Guidance, Mediumship, Tarot, Angel/Oracle Cards, Romance/Relationships, Life Purpose/Career, Past Lives, Starseed Origins, Auras & Chakras, Ancestral Healing, Astrology & Moon Cycles, and Your Angels & Spirit Guides. Along with Readings, she also offers classes, courses, and private One-to-One Intuitive & Mediumship Development Mentoring Sessions.

Click HERE to learn more. She’s excited to work with you!

Email: italia@italiaoliver.com/ (562)331-4845 


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