Have you ever felt saddened, angry, or irritated for no reason? You were humming along, perfectly happy, then out of the blue, your mood changed. For instance, I remember strolling into work meetings completely content. But as soon as I left, my head ached, or my stomach fluttered. And it wasn’t about stress, or even the content of the meeting. It was the energy I unconsciously picked up from my colleagues and the environment.

It took me waaay too many years to realize this, but wow, what a gamechanger!

As empaths with heightened senses, we unknowingly pick up “hitchhiker” energy that isn’t ours. From people and the environment. Have you ever walked into a room, and although the people smile, you sense an underlying and unspoken tension? Maybe you sense the remnant energy of an argument that transpired before you got there?

Ultimately, it’s imperative we recognize this “hitchhiker” energy in ourselves and clear it. It’s like brushing our teeth or taking a shower. Call it spiritual hygiene.

The moment your mood switches, or you begin to feel agitated, ask yourself: “Is this energy mine?” If it is, do your best to process it in healthy ways. If not, send it packing with LOVE.

I use my energy clearing technique because it works! I’ve shared it with clients who’ve said they feel lighter after using it, too. You can feel the subtle energies dissolve.


Say three times (3x) with confidence & conviction in your voice:

“In the name of Christ (or other representative of God) and my Higher Self, I command any and all energy not mine, leave this body and auric field now. You are healed and forgiven, lifted and enlightened. Return to your Source now with the highest Peace, Love, and Light of the Christ vibration.”

Then say,

“I am clear and balanced. I am clear and balanced. I am clear and balanced. And so it is.”

In this video on my Youtube channel, we’ll clear your energy right now!