Dream Interpretation Readings

Do you have a puzzling, strange, intense, or recurring dream, you want to understand? Do you feel like your spirit guides are communicating an important message, but you can’t figure it out? I can help you uncover the meaning behind your dreams to bring guidance and clarity.


Dreams are powerful portals. Since ancient times, they’ve been used for spiritual guidance, unlocking the subconscious mind, prophecy, and communication with the Spirit World. You may have adventures, journey to spiritual realms, seek important information, or interact with other people’s dream souls and different kinds of spirits.

Ancient cultures used dreams to connect with their ancestors for support, wisdom, and to forecast future events. Your Spirit Team (including your ancestors) may also communicate with you in your dreams via dream symbols or visitations. 

By tapping into the mysterious and magical intelligence of your dreams, you uncover the hidden depth of your innermost self and access your soul’s wisdom to manifest the life you desire. You may receive answers, lessons, guidance, creative ideas, inspiration, warning, premonitions, comfort, and messages.


Dream interpretation can support you in your waking life to: understand yourself, unlock your subconscious, identify blocks that may be holding you back, solve problems, process emotions, uncover thematic patterns, offer guidance and wisdom, inspire creativity and spark ideas, warn you of potential danger, connect with spiritual realms and your spirit guides, and some may even predict future possibilities and potentials.


  • A 30-Minute session by phone or Zoom video

  • Client shares one dream or one recurring dream series

  • A guided analysis and interpretation of important dream symbols

  • Get clarity, insight, guidance, and direction based on the symbols, themes, and messages that appear

  • Possible action steps/lessons the dream presents that may be applied to client’s life

  • If there is enough time, suggestions may be offered for how to enhance a client’s dreamwork practice


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In order to book your appointment, payment must be received to consider session’s date and time reserved.

After you make your payment, if we have not already scheduled a date, you will be contacted via email within two business days of placing your order to schedule a date and time for your session. Please check your junk/spam folder in case. I am closed on Tuesdays and Sundays.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently booking into September, so there is a bit of a wait from the time of purchase to the time of the agreed upon date/time of your session.

PLEASE NOTE: 24-hour rescheduling notice is required. No refunds for missed sessions.

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