Energy Healing Balance Sessions

As an intuitive channel and energy healer, I can help you to release blocks in your energy body and activate dormant DNA. I use a protocol developed by energies from the Pleiades, Andromeda, and Orion. Through a process of Toning and Clearing, your energy will shift so you feel more aligned and grounded. Then Spirit will guide you in a process. DNA will awaken and activate to transform your energy and raise your consciousness.

What is an Energy Healing Balance Session?

  • Removes blocks from your energy body that keep you stagnant

  • Activates dormant DNA and organs to produce a stronger connection to yourself and Spirit

  • Uses a combination of Soul Attunement, Spirit-driven energy clearing, balancing, grounding, and alignment techniques

How can an Energy Healing Balance session help you?

  • Clears your chakras, organs, body systems and auric field of negative entity influences and blesses you with the highest Peace, Love, and Light

  • Removes stagnation from the chakras, organs, and systems of the body to allow your energy to flow more freely. 

  • Harmonizes the chakras, organs, and systems of the body to restore Peace, Balance, and Love. Bring balance to your mind, body & spirit. 

How to Prepare for an Energy Healing Balance Session

  • Drink at least 8 oz. of water

  • Do not drink soda, coffee, or alcohol in the morning

  • Place your attention on your heart chakra. Create your intentions. Focus on what you wish to receive from the healing. You may state your intentions aloud or write them down. 

  • Come with a positive attitude and an open heart


2 - 2 1/2 Hours Energy Healing Balance session



Pay with your credit card, PayPal, or Venmo (via Paypal button).  No PayPal account required. 


In order to book your appointment, payment must be received to consider session’s date and time reserved.

After you make your payment, if we have not already scheduled a date, I will be in touch to book our time together.

PLEASE NOTE: 24-hour rescheduling notice is required. No refunds for missed sessions.

*Gift certificates available*

Want to meet your angels and spirit guides?

"Where there's BALANCE, there's PEACE." ~Italia

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