Grounding Crystals for Empaths

Grounding Crystals for Empaths

Empaths feel what others feel. And that means they can easily absorb both positive and negative energy from other people and their environment. They have an extremely reactive neurological system. Empaths don’t have the same filters that other people do to block out stimulation.

John Mark Green said, “She had a very inconvenient heart. It always insisted on feeling things ever so deeply.” Sometimes, this is a blessing. Sometimes, it’s a curse. But mostly, it’s a blessing with one caveat: one needs to know how to control it.

Although empaths bring sensitivity, understanding, and compassion to the world through their giving and nurturing nature, it’s imperative they remain grounded. Empaths need to be able to separate their feelings from others and clear themselves when they feel overwhelmed. Crystals are a wonderful tool to help them separate and clear their emotions. Here are some amazing crystals empaths can use to help them stay grounded… and remember to choose the ones that resonate with you.


This jet-black crystal can be a powerful and protective stone for empaths. It will push away all negative energy. It acts as a shield against someone with a strong influence (as in an empath/narcissist relationship) or EMFs (electro-magnetic frequency pollution). You can wear one as a pendant or keep it in your purse or pocket when you’re at work (particularly if you work with a narcissistic boss or colleague) or around computers.


Empaths are prone to feeling anxious and overwhelmed because they’re like antennas that receive the feelings and energies around them. Lepidolite is a great stone to lessen the fear, stress, and anxiety they absorb. It emits a calming energy, soothes frazzled nerves, and helps one to relax. It’s associated with the heart and brow chakras and helps heal the emotional body.

It also has a filtering effect in that it helps tune out any energy, feelings, and impressions that are not yours. It helps you to lovingly set and keep boundaries. Return any energy that’s not yours by saying, “I return this energy back to its source with love and light.”


A wonderful grounding stone that keeps unwanted energies from invading your personal space and aura. It’s associated with the base chakra.


Helps to remove emotional blockages that may occur from stressful situations. It also can absorb the negative feelings you may be holding inside. Brings calm and emotional balance. It’s associated with the heart chakra.


Helps strengthen the aura, keeps one grounded to the earth, and deflects harmful energies. Helps you avoid energy vampires, or psychic vampires, who drain your energy. It’s associated with the base chakra.


Amethyst is the stone of spiritual protection. Not only does it help to calm and focus an overactive mind, but it also helps empaths follow their intuition. This way they can better discern which feelings are theirs and which ones are not. Discernment is essential for an empath.

Holding an amethyst can instantly make you feel calmer and protects you from negative energies. It also balances a space by bringing both a positive energy and a sense of calm. It’s associated with the crown chakra.

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