Before you connect to the spirit world, understand that just as there’s good and evil on our planet, it’s the same in the spirit world. As above, so below. If Jesus exorcised demons in the Bible, why can’t that energy still exist today?

Guidance from God/Source, ascended masters, angels, spirit guides, multidimensional light beings, and ancestors who reside in the Love & Light will be loving, kind, supportive, and encouraging. Anything that’s ego and fear-based, pushy, or controlling is NOT of Love.

Use discernment.

Those from more expanded vibrations share suggestions rather than commands. The guidance and support are grounded in love.

When you begin to contact the spirit world, you may not know that protection is essential, or even how to protect yourself.

This happened to me the first time I channeled. I quickly learned how important it was to protect myself. (In the video below on my Youtube channel, hear about my encounter with a low vibrational entity.)

How to Protect Yourself When You Contact Spirit


The frequency of your consciousness matters. Are you mentally and emotionally strong? Don’t connect when you’re tired, ill, or not feeling your best because you may unknowingly call in entities of a lower, or less expanded, vibration. Connect when you’re in a high state of frequency. States like joy, peace, and love. When you feel good about yourself.


Create a signal or calling card with ascended masters, angels, and guides. When I connect to Babaji, the Yogi Christ, I feel a vibrating energy enter my temples. He also shows me a deer and rainbow in my inner eye. This is his “calling card” so I know it’s safe to proceed. Like Jesus, his guidance is always gentle, loving, and supportive. You’re creating a relationship, and like any relationship, trust is built over time.


Before you meditate or channel, you might say:

  • “I close my aura to only my Higher Self.”
  • “I close my aura to only the highest vibrations of Peace, Light, and Love.”
  • “I close my aura to only the Christ vibration.”


  • Use a Prayer of Protection. When I channel for myself or clients, I pray for protection and truth. I created this prayer that works for me. Feel free to share it with others and/or modify it to make it your own.

Remember, YOU are your own authority and no other. Be confident. You’re a powerful multidimensional being with as much to offer as any other being in this multiverse. Don’t give your power away to no one or no-thing.

Watch this video for how to protect yourself when you contact Spirit!