How to Raise Your Vibration

How to Raise Your Vibration

We often give away our power. To parents, teachers, doctors, culture, society, the world. Even to our own angels and spirit guides. Thinking they know better. But it’s YOU who knows best…even when you don’t want to see it or admit it.

When you align your heart with your Higher Self, you raise your vibration.

By being the REAL you.

Minus all the conditioning and programming.



Your Higher Self is your eternal energy, or consciousness. Forever in a state of peace, joy, and love. It knows what’s best for you and will guide you. If you allow it.

But let’s face it, sometimes, it’s really hard to hear. Especially when your ego gets involved. You have fears and doubts. You’re human.

But you can cultivate the ART of hearing your Higher Self, and in doing so, raise your vibration. How?

  • Align your actions with your heart,values, and truth.
  • Feel comfortable in your own skin.
  • Stand in your power. You’re your own authority.

It takes practice. Especially if you’ve felt powerless or helpless to situations in your life you had no control over. But here’s what you can do:


Wisdom is where the heart and mind intersect. Bridging the experience of the heart and the logic of your mind. Is fear stopping you, or is it backed by your wisdom earned through hard-won experience? Maybe you get a strong urge to do something, or not to do something. Listen to your intuition, gut feelings, hunches.

“Good judgment comes from experience and experience comes from bad judgment.”~Mark Twain

When you ask a “yes” or “no” question, it’s the first answer that comes to mind. You may not even need to finish the question. (In the video below on my Youtube channel, hear my funny story on how Spirit taught me to listen to my Higher Self.)


Go into your body and FEEL what course of action feels best. Let’s say you have a decision to make. For example, to stay with Bobby or leave the relationship. Imagine yourself following through on each option. If you stay, does it make your heart sing and feel peaceful? Or, does the thought of it make your stomach curdle and your nerves jitter with anxiety or dread?

How your body responds provides you clarity. Trust it.


Journal any weird or cryptic messages you receive as well as any interesting dreams. Pay attention to them. (In the video below on my Youtube channel, hear how a dream I had warned me about my health. And it turned out to be true!)

When you align your heart with your Higher Self, you raise your vibration.

Watch this video on my Youtube channel to learn how to raise your vibration today!


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