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For those dedicated to the path of following their soul's journey. Who want to live to their highest potential and grow their spiritual and intuitive gifts. We explore topics in spirituality, metaphysicis, healing, the nature of reality, and channeling.

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Interview with Brad & Kasey Wallis on the
Xpansion Network

How to choose love, joy, & peace when
life brings you tragedy

July 2019

Interview with Shelley Hofberg on her Psychic Horizon radio show

Angel readings

January 2019

Long Beach Living Magazine
April 2018

Interview with Slade Robertson on his Shift
Your Spirits

Choosing Joy Over Cancer

October 2017

"I believe the world changes, when we change, one person at a time. By doing the work of going inward
to discover our aliveness, wholeness, empowerment, and ultimate love for ourselves." ~ Italia

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