Meeting Archangel Haniel

Meeting Archangel Haniel

At my lowest point in chemotherapy, where I was so broken open that there was nothing left for me to cling onto, I heard a voice in my mind unlike my own— it was God’s voice.

I began to dialogue with this gentle male voice that called me, “My child.” This voice, that I believed to be Jesus’s, guided me through every step of my treatment. Listening to His voice strengthened my own inner compass.

After the Sedona trip, I began to wonder if this Voice could help me to help other people. I didn’t know how though. I knew little about the healing arts, but for some reason, I felt like I had to develop my intuition, this “Voice” I was hearing on the left side of my head.

One afternoon, I told my husband that I needed a mentor to help me develop my intuition. That same night after doing some online research, I found the Automatic Intuition Professional course and emailed Slade Roberson, who does one-to-one mentoring. I wanted to apply to his program.

I did Slade’s free attunement that was like a guided meditation. In my mind’s eye, I saw an image of the Tree of Life, the image of Jesus’s face, the image of a glowing white angel holding my hand and standing next to the angel was a wolf and a husky. I heard the words, “let go” and “trust.”

I honestly didn’t think much about it since it didn’t make sense. Per Slade’s instructions, I wrote down what I saw, heard, and felt so that when I talked to Slade the following weekend, I could share my notes.

A few days later, I felt a prompting from my inner compass to investigate further about angels. I looked up the Archangel Cards on Doreen Virtue’s site. The angel that called to me was Archangel Haniel because moonstone (her stone) was in the young adult book I had written seven years ago. I felt this instant connection to her. I also have some moonstone in my bedroom and have always been attracted to it. I printed her picture and pinned it to my office board.

All this angel stuff made me curious about finding a local metaphysical shop, so the following day, while driving on the 405 freeway on my way to Mystic Connections (a store I’d never been to before and found on Yelp), a car appeared in front of me with its emergency lights blinking. The license plate had 111 on it. It stayed in front of me the whole way. (I had been seeing lots of 11s and 111s lately.)

I met Michelle, the owner of Mystic Connections. We happened to get into a conversation and I told her about the Voice I heard coming from the left side of my head. She asked me what color I’d been drawn to lately. I told her light blue. She then said she felt Archangel Haniel all around me!

I almost died right there…there was no way she could know! I just discovered Archangel Haniel the day before! Michelle said she felt she was supposed to deliver a message to someone that day. She said it was confirmation that I was right about Haniel and that the angels are communicating with me.

After this, I went home and looked up more information about Archangel Haniel. I mean, this angel was communicating with me! She wanted me to know who she was. To my utter amazement, upon further investigation, I found out that Haniel’s animal is the wolf and that she’s part of the Negtach branch on the Tree of Life in the Kaballah. These were the things I saw in Slade’s attunement! All the pieces fit!

I have no doubt. Archangel Haniel wanted me to know she exists and that she is with me. She certainly found her way to get my attention. Just like Archangel Haniel, angels will find their way to get your attention, too.

Do you have an angel story? Share it in the comments below.

~by Italia Oliver

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