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"I believe that Love is the greatest force for

In 2014-2015, my life was traveling on the up and up. I had a career in education, I got engaged to an amazing man, and we bought our dream home. And then, my life took a complete nose-dive.

Just as we began the process of touring potential wedding venues, on July 2, 2015, I heard the words that changed my life forever: “You have a lump in your breast.” I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer. Oxygen mask, please!

I underwent a year’s worth of grueling treatments: a double mastectomy, six rounds of chemotherapy (the kind you lose ALL of your hair, among many other debilitating side effects), thirty-five rounds of radiation, breast reconstruction, and the removal of my ovaries. To help other women, I wrote a blog sharing my story, resources, and tips.

Two days after my third infusion of chemotherapy, tragedy once again knocked on my door. My dad, who was also battling cancer, passed away from mesothelioma, a rare cancer caused by asbestos.

In that difficult year, Spirit and I walked hand-in-hand. In fact, at my lowest point in chemotherapy, where I was so broken open that there was nothing left for me to cling onto, I heard a voice in my mind unlike my own— it was God’s voice.

I began to dialogue with this gentle male voice that called me, “My child.” This voice, that I believed to be Jesus’s, guided me through every step of my treatment. Listening to His voice strengthened my own inner compass, and little did I know, would set me on a path, one long forgotten and often ignored: The Return to Myself.

As a child born and raised in New York’s Hudson Valley, I experienced psychic phenomena, visitations from Jesus and Mother Mary, and had a UFO sighting. From a young age, I felt Home wasn’t here on earth, but somewhere among the stars. I always felt a familial connection to Orion’s Belt. My Italian grandmother was psychic, too, but we didn’t talk about it. We were Italian Roman Catholic. So I tucked these gifts away since I didn’t understand them. But now, after having faced the prospect of death, fear was no longer a factor.

"I believe we Honor Spirit
and ourselves when we follow our inner compass."

Fast forward to three months after my last radiation treatment. During a trip to Sedona, a series of synchronistic events orchestrated by the angels, especially Archangel Haniel, wove themselves together. Spirit was guiding me to follow the angels, and follow them, I did! I followed their signs and nudges, attaining certifications in The Teachings of the Inner Christ as well as being a Certified: Intuitive Professional, Angel Card Reader, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Intern, Color Coach, and a Master Level  RSSP Energy & Spiritual Healer (Reiki, Shamanism, Shekinah Light, & Pranic Therapy). I also hold a Master of Science in Education and worked in the field for almost twenty years as a teacher, instructional coach/specialist, and facilitator.

"And I also believe there
are many avenues to
Healing and that it comes
in many forms."

On September 10, 2016, after my cancer treatments were complete, I married my darling angel, Andy, who is my greatest support. Our love story is magical and rare, a precious gift from God. I’m also blessed to have my amazing son, Jessiah, who reminds me on a daily basis to choose JOY, have fun, laugh, and to just BE plain silly. And our sweet fur baby, Gigi, who is pawfect and brings us tons of LOVE.

Life is a crazy, messy, magical journey, but even with all of its ups and downs, I’ve learned that even in my darkest moments, the sun is always shining. May you SHINE on, too!

With Joy, Love, Peace, and Angel Blessings,

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1. My Italian grandmother, whom I’m named after, was a psychic medium and gave readings in her home. I come from a long maternal line of mystics. She also belonged to the 3rd Order of St. Francis. I love knowing that I carry on the tradition of helping others. I still have her Tarocchi playing cards and her statue of Saint Anthony that are precious to me! 

2. I love being in nature, holiday decorating, baking, and going to craft fairs and antique shops.

3. Astrologically speaking, here are my stats: I’m a Scorpio Sun, Cancer Moon, Taurus Rising, and was born under a waning gibbous moon.

4. I’m a first generation Italian-American. My father was from Rome. I grew up on red sauce and my childhood home was adorned with saint statues. Our statue of the Madonna, the Blessed Virgin Mary, was proudly displayed in our front yard.

5. I love Italian Folk Magic, family history and genealogy, and baking my Nonna’s traditional Italian recipes.

In this interview, hear how I went from elementary school teacher to Intuitive Medium and connected to the Spirit World


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