"Wholeness is not something you seek. It's what you already are." ~Italia

How can I help you?

Are you at a point of change, a time when you know there’s got to be more to life than this but uncertain about your next step? Do you need clarity or guidance about a relationship or situation? Do you need to clear your energy to move forward in a fresh positive light? Or maybe you’d like one-to-one private mentoring to help you discover, grow, and gain confidence in your intuitive/psychic and mediumship abilities? Or maybe you have a puzzling, strange, intense, or recurring dream, you want to understand? Do you feel like your spirit guides are communicating an important message, but can’t figure it out?

I’m an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channel, Spiritual Guide, Teacher, Author, Animal Communicator, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Intern, a Certified Intuitive Professional, Certified Master Level RSSP Energy & Spiritual Healer (Reiki, Shamanism, Shekinah Light & Pranic Therapy), Certified Angel Card Reader, Certified Color Coach, and GAIA TV Channel Ambassador. I hold a Master of Science degree in Education. I own and operate Italia Oliver: Soul-to-Soul Coaching LLC.

During a Soul Attunement Reading, I connect with you, your energy and Spirit Team, receiving messages of insight into your life. It’s both my high-vibrational state-of-being and heightened extra-sensory perception that bring through the loving messages and communication from beyond the veil for your Highest Good. The information you receive will support you with guidance, clarity, and direction to help you move forward in your life. 

I also offer personalized one-to-one Intuitive & Mediumship Development Mentoring Sessions designed just for you! I can help you communicate and develop a personal and conscious relationship with your Spirit Team (your archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides and allies (animals, plants, minerals), multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional light energies, cosmic star families, saints, gods, goddesses, ancestors, and crossed-over loved ones), identify and understand your personal language with Spirit (specific psychic symbols, signs, and signals), develop your “Clairs”, increase confidence in your intuitive/psychic abilities and much, much more! Please check out this journal I created to help you build your own language with your Spirit Team and keep track of the communication. 

And speaking of spirit communication, did you know that your angels and guides can communicate with you during your dreamtime? Dreams are powerful portals. Do you have a puzzling, strange, intense, or recurring dream, you want to understand? Do you feel like your spirit guides are communicating an important message, but you can’t figure it out? I can help. I offer Dream Interpretation Readings where I uncover the meaning behind your dreams to give you guidance and clarity.

I host the Meetup group, Sacred Soul Circle: Spiritual & Intuitive Development. I’ve facilitated a variety of classes related to the archangels, angel card reading, starseeds, meditation, mediumship, consciousness, and a Paranormal & ET Encounters Group.

Guided by Spirit, I created The Stairway to Healing®, a program designed to reconnect people to the aliveness, wholeness, and empowerment that resides in us all.

In addition to hosting my own weekly YouTube show, which covers topics in spirituality, metaphysics, channeling, and healing, I’ve appeared on the popular podcast, Shift Your Spirits, the internet radio show Psychic Horizon, and the Xpansion Network.

As a breast cancer survivor, my greatest passion is to bring you hope, and to help you find peace, joy, and healing in your life. With a positive and nurturing nature, my goal is to serve you with love and compassion and to be a vessel for Spirit to help empower you to make choices, let go of what no longer serves you, honor your true self, trust the wisdom of your soul, and achieve your highest potential.

Are you ready to walk with me on the path to creating the highest vision for yourself? Let’s discover together!






Clearing &

Stairway to Healing ®

Live in Southern

For CLASSES and EVENTS, join the MEETUP: Sacred Soul Circle- Spiritual & Intuitive Development

I conduct private Readings and Intuitive & Mediumship Development Mentoring sessions.

You can also find me at the Learning Light Foundation’s Holistic Health & Spiritual Fair on the 2nd Saturday of every month. I offer 15-minute and 30-minute Readings. Come see me… I’m excited to work with you!

1212 East Lincoln Ave.
Anaheim, CA 92805
(714) 533 – 2311

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