Spirit Team Life Coaching Sessions

What is Spirit Team Life Coaching?

If you desire to maximize your potential and need clarity to create the life you deserve, Spirit Team Life Coaching is your answer. It empowers you to empower yourself so you can reach your highest potential and achieve your best life.

Spirit Team Life Coaching is spiritual life coaching with the unique benefit of working with Spirit, your archangels, angels, ascended masters, multi-dimensional light beings, star beings, spirit guides, and your Higher Self for assistance and guidance in the co-creation of your dreams. It digs deep, past the intellect, to the heart and soul level, to heal, enlighten, and inspire.

As an intuitive medium, channeler, and spiritual advisor, I connect with you, your energy and Spirit Team during a session, receiving messages of insight into your life. The information received will support you in having a deeper understanding of where you are right now and where you are going. I will help you to see new options and possibilities as well as lead you to find the answers within yourself.

Spirit Team Life Coaching Can Help You:

  • Realize your true potential & make your dreams a reality

  • Work with your Spirit Team in the co-creation of your dreams

  • Focus on your desires to manifest a prosperous life filled with abundance

  • Transform your life from the mundane to one filled with magic and excitement

  • Refresh your perspective and outlook

  • Empower yourself with your choices

  • Feel more satisfied about your current life and future

  • Bring healing to areas of need

  • Make changes according to your needs, values, and desires

  • Succeed in areas such as Romance, Relationships, Life Purpose, Career, Personal & Spiritual Growth


STEP 1: FREE 15-Minute Introduction

We start with a FREE 15-minute introduction. Please note— this is not a free coaching session. The purpose of the call is so we can get acquainted and explore your goals and dreams.

Email: italia@italiaoliver.com to request your free introduction call

STEP 2: 75-Minute Discovery Session

Once you decide to move forward with coaching, we schedule our 75-minute Discovery Session.The session allows us to co-create, along with Spirit, a powerful vision of what is possible in our work together.

In the 75-Minute Discovery Session we explore:

  • What you hope to get out of coaching
  • What values you hold precious and the extent to which you are living them
  • Your vision for your future
  • Long and short-term goals and intentions related to the area(s) of life you want to transform
  • Expectations for the coaching process and change
  • Setting yourself up for success
  • Strategies & next steps towards maximizing your potential

PRICING: $144 (separate fee from the Spirit Team Life Coaching Sessions)


Step 3: Spirit Team Life Coaching Sessions

After the Discovery Session, we begin the Spirit Team Life Coaching sessions. I will support you, in co-creation with Spirit, to make the changes you need.

Prosperity Investment

Spirit and I provide insights and techniques that help you tap into your skills, abilities, and talents. We support and encourage you to focus on your personal and professional goals to maximize your potential. We create intentions, goals, and action steps in alignment with your spirit to make your dreams a reality. Come home to your true self and live in your authentic power!

Custom Coaching Sessions

  • $111 per hour
  • Meet bi-weekly, monthly, or as determined by Spirit
  • Priority email and phone support for the duration of coaching
  • Coaching via phone, Zoom (video) and/or in-person

You can make the changes you want to see. It's
possible. Change your story, change your life! I will be
there to help you along your journey with love. Ready
to get started?


In order to book your appointment, payment must be received to consider session’s date and time reserved.

Pay with your credit card, PayPal, or Venmo (via Paypal button).  No PayPal account required. 


PLEASE NOTE: 24-hour rescheduling notice is required. No refunds for missed sessions.

*Gift certificates available*

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