"I believe we are connected to Spirit, we are never alone, and that spirit is watching over us and guiding us with love, always." ~Italia

“Italia is one of the kindest souls I think I’ve ever come across and her ability to receive and transfer information from her guides and mine was quite chilling to be honest…in the most enlightening way.

I met Italia through a neighborhood group that I helped start, a group that she was invited to last minute through another member. I rarely seek out these types of services, but I am an open minded individual and my intuition made me feel like there was something to be learned from her…and that it wasn’t just coincidence that the chairs by the friends who invited her were taken and the last chair at the table was next to me.

I’m an inquisitive person, so we scheduled and Angel Card reading so that I could get to know her process and try to understand her work/gift. She told me to come prepared with some questions of the guidance I seek from Spirit. In complete honesty, I had no idea what I needed guidance on. I have opened my mind and heart in the last 6 months to a lot of new experiences and just wanted to step outside my typical day-to-day routine, so I felt like life had been going pretty well for me and I didn’t want for much. So I started with questions that focused on my mother in order to help guide her through some of her recent life trials and tribulations.

I don’t typically like to be the focus of attention even though I had made the appointment, and it was quite clear that Spirit recognized that. I was already floored at some of the descriptive accuracy that that was detailed regarding my mother, her personality, mannerisms, habits, and my relationship with her…but I have to imagine that I went ghost white when the subject abruptly pivoted from my mother to an analysis of some of my deepest thoughts, secrets, and personal musings that one would only know from being in my head. Thoughts and feelings that I buried since i was an adolescent, but have always lingered in the back of my mind and certainly did not expect to come up in our session.

Call it whatever you want…angels, spirit, energy…something or someone that knew my mother and I as our truest selves on an intimate level was passing information through Italia to me. I believe I know who based on the tone and wording of the conversation…and I get chills simply writing that. Coming from someone who’s been a skeptic of most things in this world for most of his life, that feeling of acknowledgement and validation for something so deep and personal…is impossible to describe.

I went in seeking information for others and nothing for myself, and came out with information and validation I’ve wanted my whole life….yet told no one about. I highly recommend Italia and any of her services…even just a conversation with her will do wonders for you mind, spirit, and quality of life.”

– Jack Skovgard

Mortgage Advisor – Costa Mesa, California


“Italia is a true angel. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for the light and healing she brings. I have referred her to my closest friends for readings and have received so much gratitude back for her amazing ability to heal and uplift. Thank you, Italia for sharing your beautiful gift!”

– Maren Dooley

Hair Stylist – Benicia, California

“I can not recommend Italia’s services high enough, that is to say 5 out of 5 does not suffice. Every session I have ever had, Italia goes above and beyond what would be “ordinary” measures when done by anyone else.

Her readings are accurate, Spirit and heart-centered. The insights that she has shared with me have always been helpful to benefit my mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Italia offers various services and does each with a high degree of skill and proficiency. At the end of our sessions, I feel empowered and ready to more confidently take the steps that lead to me standing in my own power!”

– Shirene McKinney

Business Owner, Stillpoint Bodywork – Long Beach, California

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“I had a wonderful experience with Italia. She helped me get in touch with my brother that passed away. Honestly I wouldn’t have moved on with my life if I had not done this reading. She helped me get closure and answers from my brother. Overall it was a beautiful experience.”

– Jacqueline Sanchez

“What I love about my time with Italia is how she is always rooted in love, light, and the highest possible GOOD. Italia’s generous spirit and heart make even the most uncomfortable news easy to receive. Her special gifts make all of our readings clear and understandable. I cannot recommend her enough. She is well worth the wait. ”

– Silissa Uriarte Smith

Founder/CEO Purpose Centered Coaching & Consulting – California


“Thank you SO SO much Italia! I can’t even explain the difference I’ve felt since we spoke. I feel the peace we spoke of, and just know for the first time in awhile that everything will be ok. I’m so thankful to have met you! What a gift you have! I can’t wait to work with you further. You taught me so much in one hour, so 8 hours will be so transformative!! I really did need guidance, and you assisted in so much more!

I was referred to Italia because of how gifted she is with working with someone over the phone. I have done many sessions with different mediums over the years, and this one was a very different experience. She helped me find and understand the peace that I’ve been searching for. She didn’t just relay messages, but helped me understand what they meant and what I needed to work on. Others in the past have given me messages that I’ve had to decipher. She helped me through each message and made everything so easy to understand. I’m definitely doing coaching with Italia in the future. She is a true angel!”

– Destia Taylor

“I want to THANK YOU, Italia, for our session yesterday.  You have healed and given direction to my soul.  For a long while now, my heart has been heavy with life decisions that I could not find the courage or the way to “break” free from the weight I have been carrying.  I could not see through the darkness and find my way back to living life.  After having our Soul-to-Soul session, I have attained this surge of energy to go out there and tackle my fears and roadblocks, to let go, trust, and begin the healing process.

In fact, this morning I have signed up to do a side business with my aunt and started taking baby steps to change the course of my “stagnation” stage that is with my current job.  I know from here on out, things will take fruition and the pieces of the puzzle will fall where they should fall.

You have an amazing gift from God to provide clarity to people and validate their current situation and find the root of the problem so they can begin to see beyond what is the obvious.  You have the golden hands to heal those who seek and can find their way to you.

Like you said, I did not meet you by accident.  I was destined to meet you and start my healing process.

Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3″

– Sophie Duong

“I was lucky enough to recently meet Italia through a series of events that was more than sheer coincidence.

Italia is a beautiful, kind soul who has an incredible and rare gift which she graciously shares. I left my reading feeling emotionally lighter.  In addition, she provided reassurance regarding recent events and gave me some much needed insight. Italia also guided me in a meditation that helped resolve some issues I had been holding onto.

I have already recommended Italia to many friends and plan to return.

Italia – I am forever grateful that you are so generous with your gift.

Thank you,”

– Victoria Grasman

“My reading with Italia was so lovely. Before the reading she consulted with her guides and what she told me sent shivers down my spine. The reading was very accurate and it really cheered me up. I know now that I am safe and loved and on the right path. I would recommend Italia if you would like a reading. She is warm and has a beautiful loving soul. She has helped me during a difficult time in my life and for that I thank her… in love and light.”

– Maria Cartridge

“There’s this very positive vibe I get from Italia and I really enjoy corresponding with her. Her reading is insightful, eloquently put forth, and is accurate about my current situation. If I need to recommend a reader to anyone, Italia will definitely be the one! Thank you again for my reading!”

– Nic Wong

“My reading with Italia was breathtaking. She was very informative and sincere. It was truly an eye opening experience.”

– Brandi Kikelomo Tanks

“The reading was just how I feel and how it is. It was very accurate, my god. Wow!”

– Maggy Daccache

“Italia, thank you so much for my angel reading! Your insight has been very helpful. The angel reading helped to answer questions regarding my health and general well being. As you suggested, I have been making time for myself and learning to trust my feelings for my healing. I have also tried holistic approaches as I continue on my journey towards healing. You are highly intuitive and very personable. I had no problems opening up to you. I found myself laughing and even crying because of what you were able to see and share. You and your guides confirmed what I have been struggling with and affirmed what good things will come my way. You truly have a gift. Thank you for being such a blessing.”

Love & Gratitude,
Ann Kawamura

“Thank you so much for your guided healing session!  As soon as you opened the door, it felt like an instant recognition and that the stars aligned for us to connect.  I didn’t know what to expect especially when it came to the reading, but I got way more than I could have asked for.  Not only did your reading help provide so much insight to a very pivotal place in my life, but you did it with gentleness, understanding and compassion.
I loved how you made sure that the environment was safe and open for us to receive the kind of guidance I needed.  I left feeling much lighter, empowered and at ease with the decisions I had to make.  Your energy is beautiful and I really appreciated how you added the healing element to the session.
Also, since our reading, almost all of the things you mentioned have come to fruition!  I was a little skeptic, especially to things that seemed very unlikely to take place and yet they did…with a little guidance of course.  🙂
Thank you again Italia from the bottom of my heart.  I’m so happy for you and wish you nothing but success and happiness and will gladly recommend you to anyone I know.  Sending loads of love and light.”
THANK YOU ITALIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– Helen Tol

“Italia gave me a beautiful and touching reading. Not only was she able to help me get in touch with my spiritual team, but she also connected with my grandma. My grandma had passed recently. I highly recommend Italia, she is amazing!”

– Brittny Lopez

“Italia Oliver is a gifted life coach and medium who has helped me in my struggle with figuring out my purpose in life. For many years I have been a teacher and for a long time, I felt that I was called to teach. It no longer gives me the joy it once did, but I seem to lack the courage to follow my passion, which is writing.

When I first met with Italia, no one knew that I had started writing a book, but her guides told her that I had; unfortunately, I can’t do my teaching job justice and be able to write at the same time. Italia told me that I was meant to speak, teach, and write. I can see myself doing all three; I just don’t know the form that they will take. Seeing Italia has given me hope that I can eventually get out of the rut that I currently am in and do what will truly give me joy.

I have appreciated the insights into other aspects of my life that I have gained from Italia. My maternal grandfather, who passed away before I was born, came through and gave me some information that has helped me to understand some things about my mother. I have also appreciated Italia’s warmth, her kind and gentle spirit, and her prayer at the beginning of each session that only spirits with good intentions enter into our space. When Italia told me that I am an empath, and I did some research to understand what that means, it made complete sense and was very helpful information.

I have recommended Italia to family and friends; all have had a wonderful experience with her! I will continue to recommend Italia to people and I will continue to see her myself, because I feel better after I see her, and that in itself is worth a lot to me.”

– Patty Martinez


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