The Afterlife & a Deathbed Letter

The Afterlife & a Deathbed Letter

My father and I had cancer at the same time. And as if that wasn’t enough, two days after my third chemotherapy infusion, tragedy once again knocked on my door. My dad passed away from mesothelioma.

A few months later he visited me in my dreams. He also sent me symbols in the physical world that I understood as him, to let me know he was there, just in another form. Since his passing, I’ve also channeled him and learned great insight from the other side.

I’ve come to learn through my own experiences and those of my clients that the ones we love do not die. They only take on a different form. Native American leader Chief Seattle once said, “There is no death, only a change of worlds.”

The afterlife, for those who believe in it, poses many questions. Where do you go when you die? What determines where you go?

Spirit has told me that what determines where you go is “the frequency with which you leave your existence.” When I think of frequency, I think of vibrational resonance. I inquired further about the meaning of “frequency” in this context, thinking of babies or children that die. Spirit replied, “Frequency is the essence of the soul. Your essence determines where you go when you die.”

And what is your essence? It’s your genuine nature, your quality of being-ness or consciousness.


A Near Death Experience, or NDE, points to the possibility of an afterlife. They’re defined as, “A lucid experience associated with perceived consciousness apart from the body occurring at the time of actual or threatened imminent death.” An NDE is relatively common. A Gallup Poll in 1992 led to an estimate that 13 million Americans may have experienced an NDE. Research indicates approximately 30% of all people facing a life threatening event will experience an NDE.

There are thousands of accounts of those who report that they left their physical bodies during a time when they were injured or ill, and thought to be dying, and visited loved ones and distant places both here on the physical plane and on the other side. Many have stated after this experience that they would never fear death again.


In 1964, Harold Sherman wrote the book, How to Make ESP Work For You. In it, Sherman included a fascinating and unusual deathbed letter written by a forty-five year old man named Gratz Bailey from Oklahoma. Mr. Bailey had been seriously ill with pneumonia, was not religious, and never had any unusual experiences before his sickness.

The letter was addressed to his mother in Kentucky, whom he knew he would never see alive again. It was found on a notepad beside the bed, following his death:

Dear Mother:

I returned from the afterlife last night— and came home only to stay a few days. Am in hopes of leaving some time in the morning.

I am satisfied. Would like to see you all before I go— but can’t. Death should have no terror. Everyone that comes here— knows. Made two trips last night.

I’m glad that you can’t stay long at best. Only a little pain and all is over. Laugh at Death when he comes. Death we dread— just because we don’t know it.

I would never shed a tear over any of you again. Will see you soon.

Come on— I have found the way.

~G. Bailey

Who writes on his deathbed, wishing to leave a message for his loved ones, “Come on— I have found the way!” First, this was a sane man who was in the prime of his life. He was a family man who was departing wife and children in addition to his mother and as a result of his experiences with the afterlife (“made two trips last night”) said: “I would never shed a tear over any of you again. Will see you soon.”

Can you imagine the author of this letter making up such a message under these circumstances? Although we must rely solely on his word as a testament, it certainly warrants consideration of his truth.

Either way, with so many people who’ve had near death experiences sharing similar accounts, it becomes increasingly difficult to believe that some form of an afterlife doesn’t exist. If anything, Mr. Bailey’s letter opens a door to further explore our beliefs about the nature of our three-dimensional reality and beyond.

Italia Oliver M.S. Ed., lovingly channels messages from Spirit to provide you guidance and clarity, and helps you connect with crossed-over loved ones. She’s an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channeler, Spiritual Advisor, Pet Communicator, Energy Healer, and Certified Angel Card Reader. 

Her life changed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was during the healing process that she began receiving messages from the angels. As a child, she experienced psychic phenomena and off-world visitations. 

Italia offers Readings in Mediumship, Angel Cards, Romance/Relationships, Life Purpose/Career, Past Lives, Star Origins, Auras, Pet Communication, and Your Angels & Spirit Guides. Along with Readings, she also offers a private One-to-One Intuitive & Mediumship Development Mentoring Program based on a client’s unique skills set and needs.

Click HERE to learn more about Italia’s Readings and the 1:1 Intuitive & Mediumship Development Mentoring Program. She’s excited to work with you!

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