The Language of Spirit

The Language of Spirit

Your angels love you. They want you to feel their connection. They want you to know they exist. They want you to know they’re right there next to you, helping you, even as you’re reading this. Heck, they even guided you to read this, right here, and right now. Why? Cause you’re ready and open.

Sometimes, it can feel like you’re all alone. No guidance, no protection. Like a boat tossed on the trepid seas of life without a life preserver. In the poetic words of Bob Dylan, “Like a rolling stone with no direction home.”

But this is when your angels can assist you most. When you need guidance. When you need peace. When you need clarity

There are many ways your angels try to get your attention. They want to communicate with you, daily. All you need to do is ASK. It’s that simple. But know this. Sometimes, even when you ask, it may seem like they’re not there, or not listening. You ask, but all you hear is crickets. You’re like, uh, is anybody there? Helloooooo? 

But your angels ARE there. 

Sometimes, they’re actually waiting on you. Or, they’re waiting on a circumstance to change. Or, they’re waiting for you to make up your mind. Things are not always as they appear. Even when you don’t ask, they’re actually already working on it behind the scenes. Things are being worked out for your Highest Good. 

Even when you don’t see a way in the physical, Spirit has a way. 

And your angels can be perceived by all of your human senses. Through your awareness, you connect to them. Here’s the 411 on their favorite ways to connect with you:

#1: The energy in the room changes. You feel a rush of energy down your spine or a tingle in the air around you. You feel surrounded by a warm loving glow. 

#2: You smell a sweet aromatic fragrance that fills the room even though there’s not a Glade or burning candle in the room. 

#3: You hear distant ethereal music in your ears, even though there’s no music on. 

#4: You feel overwhelmed by a sudden surge of blissful Love and Peace. Connected to All That Is.

#5: You see sparks of light twinkle out of the corner of your eyes, spots of colored light dance in front of you, or spinning orbs of light. 

#6: During meditation, you see a bright dazzling light shine down in front of you or are enveloped by brilliant light. 

#7: You feel a passing breeze gently waft over your skin even though the doors and windows are closed.

#8: You feel parts of your body tingle, as if someone is touching your skin. 

#9: You become aware of synchronicities. Your problems seem to work themselves out in unexpected ways. 

#10: You notice repeating numbers, signs, and symbols. When you look at the time or at license plates, you see the same numbers over and over again. You see feathers or coins. 

There are many ways the angels try to get your attention. They’ll show you signs and symbols in the physical world that only you can understand. Pay attention. The more you do, the more they’ll reveal themselves. And you’ll build a beautiful relationship of trust and love. You can even write these signs and symbols in a JOURNAL like this one I created, MY BOOK OF PSYCHIC SYMBOLS.

If you’d like to learn more about how to decode the language of Spirit, please check out my one-to-one Intuitive/Psychic and Mediumship Development Mentoring Sessions. Sessions are designed specifically for you to help you communicate and develop a conscious relationship with your Spirit Team, identify and understand your personal language with Spirit (specific psychic symbols, signs, and signals), develop your “Clairs”, increase CONFIDENCE in your intuitive abilities, and much, much more! If you feel called by Spirit, click HERE to learn more. 

Italia Oliver M.S. Ed., lovingly channels messages from Spirit to provide you guidance and clarity, and helps you connect with crossed-over loved ones. She’s an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channeler, Spiritual Advisor/Teacher, and Certified Angel Card Reader. 

Her life changed when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was during the healing process that she began receiving messages from the angels. As a child, she experienced psychic phenomena and off-world visitations. 

Italia offers Readings in Soul Guidance, Mediumship, Tarot, Angel/Oracle Cards, Romance/Relationships, Life Purpose/Career, Past Lives, Starseed Origins, Auras & Chakras, Ancestral Healing, Astrology & Moon Cycles, and Your Angels & Spirit Guides. Along with Readings, she also offers classes, courses, and private One-to-One Intuitive & Mediumship Development Mentoring Sessions.

Click HERE to learn more. She’s excited to work with you!

Email: (562)331-4845 


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