The Road to Angels

The Road to Angels

Three months after my last radiation treatment, God set me on a road to the angels. Although I didn’t know it then, I now know He was giving me the answer I had been seeking. During my cancer treatments, I asked God, “What’s my life purpose? How can I best serve you?”

He replied with a synchronicity of events orchestrated by the angels that began in Sedona, Arizona. On the first day of the trip, my husband, Andy, and I went to the Chapel of the Holy Cross and lit a candle. I then bought a Guardian Angel token from the gift shop that called to me.

Later that same morning, I had a psychic reading. I always thought they were fun to do and didn’t think too much of it. I was completely floored though when my father showed up in the reading (he had died almost a year prior). It hadn’t even crossed my mind that he COULD show up nor was I even thinking about him on the trip!

The psychic said he was in a good place, the seventh dimension (I still don’t know what that is), but that he had a heavy heart filled with sorrow. She began to tear up and said, “He wants me to tell you that he’s very sorry and that he’s proud of you. Does this make sense?” Only then did I tell her that we were never close. She then explained that he acts as a Guardian Angel and will be with me for a while. I left the reading amazed that my dad came through, rubbing the Guardian Angel token in my pocket.

Later that day, we went to a crystal shop and I was drawn to a light blue crystal called Celestite. And wouldn’t you know, the label said that the crystal improves communication with the angels?!

The following day, my husband and I had an aura reading at the Center for the New Age with Jamie Rota. In my aura picture, there were white orbs and she said that signified that angels were all around me. She also told me to read the book, How to Hear Your Angels. Again, all this talk of angels! My intuition began to nudge at me that something was amiss.

Finally, on a whim, on our way back to the Phoenix airport, we decided to checkout downtown Scottsdale since we’d never been there before. There was only one parking spot open on the busy street. All the other spaces were filled. When we got out, Andy said, “Look! It’s an angel store.” I couldn’t believe it! The store was right in front of us called, “The Angel Store.” We went in and I bought a couple things including the book, How to Heal with the Angels.

The whole trip to Sedona revolved around angels, and with all the signs, I realized that the angels WERE communicating with me!

But what did they want me to know? I would soon find out. I just had to follow the angels.

~by Italia Oliver

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